How to arrange a date with a girl to make the date more than a date

It’s easy to go on a date, but it takes a lot of arranging to have a perfect date, to re-escalate the relationship on the date, and to make the date more than a date.

What to do before meeting

How to arrange a date with a girl to make the date more than a date

By this time we have already determined the date time and place with the girl, in this small waiting time, we also have to take advantage of all the opportunities available to us.

“Wait make sure to hold your hand, don’t lose you”

Just need to go so a small process, and so we see the girl after two pleasantries and smoothly hold the girl’s hand.

Of course here is ultimately paper, in your practice certainly not every girl will let you hold hands. But then, even if the girl refused we should not be anxious, not to mention embarrassed. Change the subject, then upgrade the relationship, operate properly, inevitably physical relations.

Mid-operation arrangement

When you have held the girl’s hand after. I recommend that you arrange to go to the cinema, the atmosphere in the cinema ambiguous, easier to upgrade the relationship, and willing to go with you to the cinema girl has now moved.

At this time, I will teach you a little routine, in the way you walk hand in hand to the cinema, you can say a sentence:

“Do you think in the eyes of others, we two are a couple?”

“I don’t know.”

“I bet they think so.”


“Because we both look like love.”

Before you even watch the movie you are put into a couple’s situation, although not for sure, but everything already seems too obvious.

I don’t need to tell you what movie to choose, you can slightly tilt your head over or lean on the girl’s shoulder while you are watching the movie: “I especially like this look, having a meal and watching a movie with the person I like.” If the girl and you four eyes, the eyes are full of soft, then what are you waiting for.

Transition as well as upgrade the relationship

After you have seen the movie, I believe you have successfully acquired a girlfriend.

After this, you can go to a quiet road, by the dim street lights, occasionally a car or two drive by, talk about the plot of the movie, and her soft lips.

Confessions, but also must be subtle, you and the girl said to do my girlfriend, I take you to eat and drink, will make the girl feel that you the person insecure. After all, this is the first time you have met.

And this time you say: “In fact, I will occasionally take a walk by myself, if that time with you how good it should be, you are willing to have time to walk with me later?”

Although this time we leave the decision to be together to the sister, but confession is indeed a particularly romantic thing, I do not want to forget the enjoyment of the first two months after you fell in love.

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