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Touch her like this to make her feel better

Touch her like this to make her feel better

Many guys do not understand how to properly make physical contact with girls in dating. Either about the girl a dozen times do not take the initiative to upgrade the relationship, and finally reduced to friends; either the first meeting is trying to hold hands, embarrassed not to mention also make the girl feel obscene.

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The secret of making the girl's heart beat, learn 1 move is enough to use

The secret of making the girl’s heart beat, learn 1 move is enough to use

Today we will talk about a more interesting topic: mind reading. In fact, there is no concept of mind reading in orthodox psychology, but there are similar ones: micro-expression psychology, micro-reaction psychology, language psychology and so on. In the most simple language description is: through a person’s behavior, action, language to understand his real thoughts

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4 skills to help you quickly catch up with dating girls

Now most of the brothers who go on blind dates are forced to the following reasons: Social circle is small, know less girls; 2. vision is too high, the conditions of good chase can not, poor conditions do not like; 3. have little emotional experience, do not know how to chase girls; 4. have too

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